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An exercise in educational cut backs

Posted in Social Concern by Marlene Wells on January 19, 2011
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Last night I attended a public meeting at Highland Consolidated School in Westville, Nova Scotia, hosted by the School Board. A very detailed scenario of the proposed 22% cut backs to education was presented and discussed. This exercise was done by our school board at the request of the Dexter NDP Government. The future of our education system is grim, if these cut backs happen. The future of my child, and your children, is at serious risk.

Or is it?

The Dexter Government issued a press release Monday insisting that they have no intention of making the proposed cuts. That they will not devastate the education system of Nova Scotia. That this was simply an exercise to see what the cuts would look like.

Well, I don’t think that’s good enough. Why would the Provincial Government put the School Board, the staff and the parents through this ‘exercise’ for 3 months if they have no intention of making it happen? My thought is that this was one very well executed fishing exhibition.

Our well intentioned school board has prepared a silver platter full of cut back possibilities. The Dexter Government now has all the information on what services our school board deems ‘first-to-go’ in a devastating cut back. This plan is supposed to be a 3 year plan. Mr. Dexter had better be prepared for the voters to reply when he looks for his next mandate.

The presentation is very well prepared and presented. It is critical that the community attend these meetings. It is imperative that you contact your MLA and tell them that no cut back to our education system is acceptable.

We must not balance the provinces books on the future of our children.