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!!! Action Alert !!! Green MLAs will be elected in BC, with your help!

Posted in Uncategorized by Marlene Wells on May 9, 2013
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I am trying to help drum up some support for the BC Greens in some spare time.  With the BC Elections rules that are binding, it is quite illegal to use Federal resources to assist the provincial Campaign in the province.  Because of this I am doing this ask as a volunteer, and I’m asking you to volunteer too.  For this reason I am using my Blog space to ask for your help.
On May 14th, we have our best chance ever to elect Green MLAs in BC. They need your help to reach out to voters by phone in key ridings. No matter where you live, you can be part of the team that changes BC politics and shows the whole country that we can elect Greens in British Columbia.


This will also be very helpful to the GPC because it will prove that Greens are serious contenders and a real choice for the Canadian Electorate.  Remember when the NDP won multiple seats for the first time?  How about the Reform Party, or the Canadian Alliance?  This is OUR time, and we need your help!

We have three excellent candidates in ridings with strong Green support: leader Jane Sterk, climate scientist Andrew Weaver, and former municipal councillor Adam Olsen. But we need your help to reach out to their voters.


1. To volunteer for Adam Olsen’s campaign, contact:

Marilyn Redivo


Call: 778-351-0404

2. To volunteer for Andrew Weaver’s campaign, contact:
Evan Pivnick
phone: 778 679-4930

3. To volunteer for Jane Sterk’s Campaign, contact:
Lorraine Tanner
778 265 9230


When you make these calls you are not trying to convince people to vote Green, you are simply finding out if the WILL vote Green.  This is important on Election Day because we can call those who said they are going to vote Green to make sure they get out to vote.  🙂  You never have to convince anyone of anything, or talk policy, or BC Politics…  you just identify them as a Green voter.


If you’ve phone canvassed with Grimes before, you know that it’s easy with our online system – you can call from home whenever you have time and you don’t even need to dial a phone. We’ll walk you through making calls, give you a script to make it easy, and we’ll always be there to help.


If 1000 people make 40 calls each, we can call every voter that we can reach in these three key ridings – Victoria-area ridings that Elizabeth May and Donald Galloway have proven are full of Greens.


There is just under one week until election day! Now is the time to be making calls.  Together we can do this!  

Please pass this email along to your contacts and friends.  We need to get this message out now, and we need your help for that too.


Thanks for reading this entire post!  Please share it on your Facebook so more people can help!


Marlene Wells

Nova Scotia

Central Nova Green Party


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