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A Deep Hole

Posted in OpEd by Marlene Wells on March 20, 2013

A Deep Hole


A deep hole, a cavity, expensive, creators, annoying, squirrel bunkers, rim busters, rim ruiners, tie terrors, accident waiting to happen, a dip, ‘des nids de poule’, mine pits, drop-offs, caves, caverns, pits, holes, ruts, faults, an obstacle course, axel  smashers, portals to China, an obstacle course, and finally Foord Street.  These are all answers to the question ‘Do you have another name for a pothole?’


I didn’t ask about any specific street, or town, when I asked this question to my friends on Facebook, who are from all over the country, and the world.  I simply asked for alternate names for a pothole.  It wasn’t very long before there were many responses.  And I thought it was truly amazing that the last one was Foord Street. It is because of the state of Foord Street that I asked the question, and why it is the subject of my column this week. The entire length of Foord Street, from Sobey’s Distribution Centre right out to the town limits in leading to Riverton.  Foord Street is a mess.


I’ve heard that the powers that be are waiting for a dispute with the provincial government to be settled.  Through the grapevine, I’ve heard that the Town of Stellarton is petitioning the province for financial help to get the road paved, because it is used as an access road for wood trucks.  If this is true, if this is what is causing the delay, why is the Town not asking the taxpayers to help put pressure on the NDP government? Why is it taking Mr. Ross Landry so long to see that his constituents are taken care of? Isn’t that one of the perks of being a minister? He is obviously not a very effective MLA (but I digress, this is food for another column).


Another thing that gets me is that there was money to pave, curb and sidewalk, all of the new streets in the Albion Business Park. The newest residents of Stellarton have nothing but the best for their use, while the long-term taxpayers and residents get a Main Street that rides like an obstacle course.


The town made an effort a couple of weeks ago to fill the holes. They were back within a couple of days.  I noticed today that they are back with the fill again, and will likely be at them again next week.  They are the same holes that open every winter.  I wonder how much that band-aid costs the taxpayers.

Come on Joe, and crew, the residents of Stellarton deserve better than this.  Just pony up and pave Foord Street already. With roads like that in your community, it’s a good thing that re-election is 3 1/2 years away.    Will Foord Street be paved before that election?


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