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my thoughts, a little scattered, on strategic voting

Posted in OpEd by Marlene Wells on May 1, 2011
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I thought I would gather up my thoughts on Strategic voting.  These are responses that I have made on various Social media, and are unedited or organized.  Simply my gut responses to why strategic voting in wrong.  {Please forgive the errors!}

  • When you vote strategically you are voting against something. It’s more negativity in our already flawed system. Vote for what you believe it. Feel good about your vote!! A vote for anything but what makes you feel positive is a vote that makes us all feel worse!
  • The platform that I believe in is the Green Party of Canada. They are the ONLY party that actually stands for something, the same thing, regardless of the economic situation, regardless of the ‘ruling party’, regardless of what the other guy is saying’. The platform fits into my lifestyle and I can clearly identify with at least 90% of it on any given day. There is no other party that has a platform that makes it through an election, let alone decades. I will say that I was born and raised a Liberal, but the party now only stands for what the other guys don’t, and that’s not good enough for me. I am proud to vote Green, this will be my third time. I’m a 3-pete. Voting for anybody else just doesn’t make sense. It’s too bad that more people don’t have the courage to do what they believe in.
  • Seriously {opponent}, did you just call me negligent? For doing something that I believe in? That is pretty arrogant. I know exactly what is going on in this country, I know the damage that HarperCons have, and will, inflict on our country. All I can do is what I feel is right. Everyone should do what they feel is right. But trying to influence how people vote based on guilt and fear is NOT what a democracy stands for. I know that you think what you are trying to do is the right thing, but pushing it on people for negative reasons can only result in negative outcome. The more people who go out and vote for something they DON’T want can only result in fewer people voting for what they DO want the next time. Think about that for a minute.
  • {Opponent}, if you believe in the Green Party then stop talking about the other parties and talk about ours. Get people to vote for the Green Party, not for some other party that does not stink as bad as the Cons, vote for a party that smells great, all the time! Together we can. It’s time, VOTE GREEN!
  • You say it is fact, but you say it out of fear. Greens are anything but one-dimensional, and by saying that you have proven that you don’t have the first clue what Greens stand for. We stand for integrity, honesty, truth and hope.
  •  {Opponant}, why don’t you just come out and tell us that no other parties are worth voting for, unless they are on of the old school parties. It is truly unimaginable where the country would be is everybody thought like you do. Strategic voting, if it ever could work, could only work if EVERYONE that went out to vote did it. The demographic that is the heaviest voters are over 55 years old. Now, I’m not saying that people over that age do not have computers, or know how to use them (my father is 75 and he does very well indeed, pays all his bills, communicates with all his family, reads news articles and reads party platforms online, but he is the exception!) What I am saying is that the whole strategic voting machine is online, you have to go out and look for it. The demographic that votes in the greatest, and most influential numbers, do not, will not, engage in Strategic Voting. The demographic of people who have access to it online are the same people who DON”T vote! They then go out and vote, in small numbers, for something they don’t want and skew the vote just enough to f@%k it up. It’s not vote splitting that is giving us a Harper Government, it is Vote Abandonment.
  •  ‎” We need to get Greens into Parliament” . Well then, stop voting for other parties, and telling other people to vote for other parties, and tell them to vote Green! That is the ONLY way we are going to get Greens into Parliament.
  • As soon as someone gets power via FPTP, anything that they said about changing the voting system will be out the window. Even if the NDP form the next government, they won’t touch FPTP, it’s like saying they will give themselves a pay decrease, not gonna happen. Greens need to fight in the system that we have, we have to play the cards we are dealt. Are you suggesting that we just stop playing because ‘it’s just not fair’? The world does not have time for that, we must wake up and act NOW. Not after the next election, NOW> It’s time, Vote Green!

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  1. Vic Smith said,

    Then who was the man with the beard that said he was green that I saw endorce Dave Parker?

    • The man with the beard is Ron Kelly, he used to be the CEO of Central Nova, but he is NOT any longer. He took it upon himself to do this, and did not consult with anyone. I am the CEO of Central nova, and I can tell you that there is NO endorsement. If you are a green supporter and you want to vote green, please vote green. Matthew is a wonderful candidate and is a great representative of the GPC. if you have not had the chance to get out and vote yet today, please get out there.

  2. Yup, your blog is great!! I struggled from the moment I read the proposed budget in early March (and realized an election was on its way given how ludicrous it was) about how to cast my vote, and ended up 1) donating $ to the NDP, 2) offering to promote our local Green Party candidate (I support both the Greens and the NDPs), and 3) voting strategically in the Northern Ontario riding but feeling pretty dirty about it. It ended up being the closest riding in Canada separated by 14 or 15 votes and is going to recount. The choice there is strictly between Liberals and Conservatives and I cast my vote (negative voting as you aptly point out!) for sake of trying to knock out the Cons. I just wish 15 more people could have as well because the Conservative MP is much more deleterious than the Liberal incombent. I succumbed to the panic and sense of urgency with this election with my strategic vote, and hey, in the end, the Cons got in anyway. I chose not to vote in NL because I saw the NDP were assured, but I think from now on, I’m doing as my momma does: I’ll vote my conscious.

    • haha, *conscience*

    • Yes, negative voting has become a real problem. Not many are actually voting for what they really want, and it is skewing results. The up side to a 4 Year Harper Rule is that we have 4 years to build, educate and grow as voters. I hope that we can do enough to change the result the next time.

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