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My opinion on Ibbitson’s opinion

Posted in OpEd by Marlene Wells on February 18, 2011

In Reference to Globe OpEd found here.

I seem to recall Ibbitson writing a column last fall about this very topic, only back them it was the Toronto area that was going to effect the elusive Harper majority government.  So, what has changed?  Polls, they are the only things that have changed.  But Ibbitson fails to do his homework before commenting on one riding in particular.  Saanich-Gulf Islands.

Ibbitson paints a picture of Gary Lunn in a two-way race, as he is, but fails to correctly identify who the race is with.  Consistently over the past 6 months polls have come back showing that Lunn is indeed in a 2 way race, but not with the Liberals.  The race is with the Greens.  Elizabeth May is consistently showing a neck in neck race with the Minister.  Ibbitson asks the question ‘how many votes will bleed off to the Greens?’.  The real question is how many votes will bleed off to the Liberals, from either side.

Lunn has been pretty much absent from his riding in SGI since he left, a year ago, to go to the Olympics.  Constituents noticed in the fall that he was conspicuously absent from an event where the Prime Minister was in attendance, IN SGI, as well as several other high-profile events.  It has led to some speculation that he will not re-offer in the next election.  This will be a problem for Mr. Harper in BC. 

It’s time to emerge from Harperland and take a look at what our Nation has become.  We were once well-respected internationally.  Not so much anymore.  The world is noticing that we are not quite as friendly, or dependable, as we once were. The only way to correct this is to defeat Harper, and his band of (NOT) so merry (wo)men, one seat at a time.

It’s time, Vote Green, in SGI, and everywhere else.

And there it is again folks, The Straight Goods!


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  1. Suzanne said,

    It is important for those who feel their vote will not count in their riding to sign up with pair vote Our riding has been conservative for eons, but with Harper acting like a dictator it has quite a few re-thinking their traditional vote..

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