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Leadership, Voting and other Green stuff!

Posted in Green Party by Marlene Wells on July 18, 2010

I sit and write today because it’s too hot to be outdoors! The temperature is a sweltering 35☼ in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. (I am from Newfoundland after all, I might melt today!)

So, there is lots going on with the Green Party these days. Some in the news, some not in the news. It’s sad that some of our party members choose to air their grievances in the media, but that’s it when you are grass-roots. I have to be careful of what I say here on this subject, I have, as all federal councillors have, signed a confidentiality agreement, and unlike some, I take it very seriously. I want nothing but the best for the party. Sure we have growing pains, all groups do in their development, but there’s no need to run to the press with it. We should, as a group, be concentrating on the things that will make us stronger. Not the things that will tear us apart.

There are a few who question the leadership of Elizabeth May. I am not one of them. Elizabeth works her butt off for this party, only to be chopped off at the knees by those who see another route for the party. Elizabeth is a well spoken, highly educated woman who wants nothing more than to see the party succeed. She is a well-respected citizen that the media respects. That, my friends, is something that money can not buy. (And for those who claim that you only have the best interest of the party at heart when you go public with your grievance, you are only doing us harm. Makes me wonder what side you are really on!)

So onto the BGM. Voting is on. I am not allowed, by my confidentiality agreement and a resolution passed, to endorse any candidate who is running for Council this year, but I urge you to really think about who is going to be a councillor who will have the best interests of the party at heart, at all times. We need to have a cooperative Council in order to move forward. Yes, we do look for consensus in everything we do in the Green Party, in order for that to happen we have to have people who are WILLING to compromise. Please look at the bios that can be found on-line at the candidates page on the Green Party of Canada Website.

As for the Resolutions, I can tell you how I am going to vote on some very key resolutions that can change the course of the Party. It is completely up to you how you vote, I’m not trying to tell you how to vote, I’m simply telling you how I am voting. It is a very long process that requires much thought and consideration. Again I urge you to think about the future of the party when you vote, and above all, I URGE YOU TO VOTE in this round of Council elections and Resolutions.

Here are some of the motions that I feel are critical:

I voted NO on G10-c01. Council restructuring – This resolution removes the right for Leader to Vote on Council business. I see the leaders vote as an important one. The leader is after all – The Leader. It’s only one vote on Council, the same as any other vote. The Leader should have that right.

I voted NO on G10-c12. Leadership Motion – Allows for a one time only extension of the leaders term and only up to 8 weeks after a federal election. This does not allow enough time to get the ‘house’ in order after a tornado!

I did vote YES on G10-c29. This motion provides for a Leadership Review after any federal election. When you look for this motion online you will see that I have actually endorsed this motion as a member of Federal Council. In order to change the existing constitutional mandatory leadership race we MUST pass this motion. This really in not a big deal, it will simply put into place a system that would allow the membership to speak after EVERY election about the support for the Leader. It will also allow for a more flexible timeline on when a Leadership race is more politically practical.

I voted YES on G10-c30. This motion provides a procedure to appoint an Interim Party Leader to ensure compliance with Elections Canada laws.

I voted YES on G10-d02. Vote to Support Elizabeth as Leader of the Party right now, outright approval. If you vote for this motion you are in fact stating that you, as a member, are satisfied with the Leadership. I have also sponsored this resolution. (Incidentally, look at the first 3 names of sponsors: Frank de Jong, Ralph Benmergui, Adriane Carr. By all insider gossip these are three leadership hopefuls for the future.)

I voted NO on G10-d11. This motion calls for an immediate leadership race, only to defer if there is a Federal Election called in the midst of said race. As a member who fully supports the leadership of Elizabeth I vote NO to this resolution. Also, it would look silly, and politically naive, to hold a leadership race ahead of ANY federal election. This motion, if passed, would hurt our party publicly and politically.

I voted YES on G10-d14. This motion is simply about having the EDA’s in contact with the federal party on a regular basis. It’s a healthy way to remain in contact with the roots of the party.

Please, vote. Vote now. If you have not received your e-ballot please contact . Every vote counts and I want you to be counted!

So there you have it, The Straight Goods, again.


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  1. Carla Dumaresq said,

    Thank you for your frank opinion. I have already voted. I do not believe that a change in leadership is warranted at this time. I too agree that a review of leadership is needed after a federal election. Elizabeth is amazing and in my eyes has more integrity than most politicians, unfortunately that is not the only thing that tends to win friends and influence people. The only thing that infighting succeeds in is defeat.

  2. Drew Fenwick said,

    I have been serving on the Constitution Committee of the Party and your voting suggestions are completely in sync with mine. I too want a party where adults in the spirit of compromise and proven methodology can work together as a unified council – towards a viableparticipation in electoral process and exists as a national policy driven political party.

    It clearly is not that now with the infighting.

    Well done in clarifying a complex set of proposals.


  3. John Ogilvie said,

    I was elected to Federal Council in 2007. I disagreed with Elizabeth on a number of matters (locating the BGM in Pictou, for example) and some more contentious things. I resigned, without fanfare, in 2008, along with two other councillors. No public kerfuffle, keep it in the family, move on.

    I sought the GPC nomination in Ottawa-West-Nepean two months later. Elizabeth showed up at the meeting – without telling the organizers – with her assistants, and worked the room, suggesting that “the Party doesn’t want John nominated”, according to one attendee. I lost by one vote 🙂

    Elizabeth doesn’t have enough integrity to fill a teaspoon.

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