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Merger talk and the Green Party

Posted in Green Party by Marlene Wells on June 9, 2010

When I was studying Political Science in university, some 20 years ago, the first course was called Canadian Polity 1100. In it we learned about the ideology of the PCs, the Liberals, the NDP, the very new Reform Party gaining momentum… We also learned of other fringe parties that tended to develop and fizzle as they were more like interest groups. I remember it well, as one of my ‘duties” on the Memorial University of Newfoundland Student Union (CSU) was to ratify campus groups. It was the first year that there was a new political group created on campus for many years, and I was the VP responsible for them. I thought then, this is one of those fringe groups, they will fizzle, one issue, etc…

Well, here I am 20 years later, part of the Federal Council for that party! Boy were my profs wrong! And I guess, so was I. ( I’m big enough to admit it! I was at the time the niece of the Liberal Premier of the Province.)

I remember learning all the ideologies of the various parties, committing those to memory in order to regurgitate on an exam. I bet that is an exercise in futility now, if it is even required! The base beliefs of the current 3 big parties is so convoluted and responsive to the politics of the day that no one stands for anything anymore. Except to disagree with the other side! It’s part of the reason the electorate has no desire to participate and voter turn out continues to fall.

Not so long ago the Canadian Alliance/Reform party ate the Progressive Conservatives whole, after Peter MacKay served them up on a platter. Now they are one party, one ideology, undistinguishable from one another. There’s two ideologies committed to memory for not.

Will Iggy or Jack do the same for their parties? It remains to be seen. The political media types who are pouring over any scrap of information trying to turn it into a merger are frothing for more sound bites. Spin doctors are swirling the facts trying to develop some palatable story to feed to the media. In the end it will all mean the two will have to come to some common ground, combine their ideologies, and fold into one another. Again, 2 more ideologies committed to memory for not.

This political climate has provided a unique opportunity for the Green Party of Canada to stand up and do what is right. Offer to voters what they believe in. Not to offer some mangled version of ideology that might be hashed out amongst a hungry group seeking power, for power’s sake. To continue to grow as a party must never mean compromise of principles. Ideologically, it’s what Greens believe in.

It’s time. Vote Green.


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  1. bill said,

    If ever there was a time to vote Green this is it. Votes are earned not only by policy and speeches, but truly, by going door to door, smiling and speaking with as many citizens as possible. Leaving a good feeling is sometimes as good as, if not better, than rhetoric and propaganda. It is never too early to canvass. It is never too early to chat it up with friends, family, neighbours and so on. There has never been a more important time to vote Green.

  2. Great post. Just one quibble – when you write “for not” you actually mean “for naught”. I only mention it because it’s an old-timey phrase that I like and would like to see used more often.

    (The other one is “aught” for zero, as in “aught-four” to mean the year 2004 or ’04. I don’t know if I hear anyone using that, though.)

    • Thanks for this Erich!! This is exactly the kind of thing that drives me mad, and here I am guilty of it!! The use of ‘Your Welcome’ instead of ‘You’re Welcome’ is a pet peve of mine! But I don’t think I’d ever seen the phrase ‘all for naught’ written down before. Thanks for the edgeimication!


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